Fernas Food Inc.
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  • +90 (488) 290 18 06
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  • info@fernasgida.com.tr


Fernas Food, a branch of Fernas Group of Companies, operates in Batman/Turkey since 2014. The company mainly operates on 7.000 decares of orchards, 27.000 m2 of factory area in Batman Industrial Zone producing and storing high quality food products.

Fruit Orchards & Agriculture

Fernas Food operates orchards on 7.000 m2 area with modern infrastructure and sustainable model. There are various types of Apples, Pears, Apricots, Plums and Blueberries on the orchard.

Cold Storage Warehouse

Cold storage warehouse was designed to store 4000 tons of frozen or fresh products. Warehouse also operates a fully automated grading system that can grade, sort and pack 100 tons of fruit per day.

Fruit Juice Production

Fruit Juice Production Plant was established in 2014 and can produce fruit juice concentrate and fruit juice. Fruit juices of pet and glass bottles and cardboard packages are produced.


To increase sustainability, productivity and product range; Fernas Food does Research and Development studies by giving utmost importance to health, safety and environmental awareness.